Tuesday Transport Tech Terms – July 2019

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In covering industry developments, we at LR Towers come across new words and concepts every week. Some are technologies just starting to emerge and may be years from service, or may not immediately appear to be relevant to transport, but we sometimes provide a brief explanation as to why we believe they are.

This is the second of a new feature which aims to explain the latest in transport acronyms, abbreviations and concepts quickly, as well as provide some relevance.

BEMU stands for battery electric multiple unit.

CBM stands for condition-based maintenance, which uses sensors and often IIoT (qv) to notify operators when a device or part is starting to degrade or require service.

FCEV is a fuel cell electric vehicle.

sandbox is an offline area where designers, users and customers can play with a system without affecting its real world activity.

HEMU stands for hydrogen electric multiple unit.

IIoT stands for the industrial internet of things, that is, internet connected industrial devices.

TBM also stands for time-based maintenance, the traditional method of maintaining equipment by inspecting it at regular time intervals.

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Written by Long Branch Mike