Why We Write

Transport matters.

It is by road, river and rail that we get to work and get back home again. It’s by those same means that we get to school when we’re young, to hospital when we’re sick and to the pub when we fancy a pint. It’s not just people that need moving around either – almost everything we consume in life has covered some distance before it reaches us.

Transport matters even more in London. Londoners use public transport more frequently than anyone else in the country – which is not really surprising as we have more of it than practically anyone else. Transport issues either passively or actively affect every Londoner on a daily basis.

Yet despite this it can sometimes be surprisingly difficult to find good, accurate information about what’s going on in the world of London Transport. Certainly, the headline-making issues will make the front pages of the London dailies, but it’s rare that they have the column inches or time to go into the depth that the topic really deserves. They also naturally tend to skip over more local issues.

Transport can also be a rather emotive topic, so whilst it can often be easy to find plenty of coverage on a particular issue online, it can sometimes be hard getting through the opinion to the underlying facts.

So that is why we write here at LR – continuing the tradition that Mr Thant started on the original London Connections blog a fair few years ago now.

We write to try and provide a bit of depth where sometimes it is lacking. To cover topics that maybe haven’t got the level of attention yet that they may deserve. To lay out and explain the facts when we know and understand them, and to provide a framework within which our excellent commentors can when we can’t. We also write to highlight some of the history and hidden areas of interest to be found in London’s transport infrastructure as well.

Most of all though, we write because we all enjoy it. We hope you enjoy reading it as well.

The London Reconnections Team,
September 2011