Freight adaptable carriage concept (RailwayTech)


Railway companies today have a myriad of challenges – from ensuring punctuality and giving a good service for passengers to managing stock and creating enough space for freight. 42 Technology aims to solve some of these challenges facing the UK supply chain – whether consumer or industrial – through its adaptable carriages that enable flexible use of passenger trains for freight transport, as 42 Technology’s Transport Sector Lead Zane van Romunde explains.

The initial idea for Adaptable Carriage originated in 2014 as a result of Jon Spratley, 42 Technology’s managing director, making his daily commute with two of the company’s other engineers from Hitchin to Huntingdon by train. The journey is the reverse of the London commute, the train was almost empty and the three engineers started talking about how the considerable spare passenger carrying capacity, particularly on off‐peak trains, could potentially be used for something more productive.

42 Technology then submitted an entry into RSSB’s ‘Tomorrow’s Train Design Today’ competition and was one of ten design teams shortlisted to receive up to £75K to fund the next stage development of its scheme. Having developed the business case for Adaptable Carriage, 42 Technology was then named as one of three overall winners to share in a £2.2M competition prize fund to continue developing its initial concept into a working, full scale prototype.

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Written by Long Branch Mike