Zero emission-ready cab now in London (Air Quality News)

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London Electric Vehicle Company – LEVC – the company behind the zero-emission capable black cab, has handed over its first new model for use in the capital. The vehicle, dubbed the TX eCity is powered by a battery electric powertrain with a 1.3 litre petrol engine, made by Volvo. The technology allows for a range of over 400 miles including over 70 miles range with zero emissions.

LEVC believes the taxi can ‘play a major role’ in helping to improve air quality in the capital.

Cab driver David Harris, 46, from Chingford, is the first driver to receive the vehicle, having been won over by the potential fuel savings from using the vehicle.

The cost of a new electric model is around £55,599 – which is higher than the typical cost of a new petrol or diesel taxi – although the vehicle is eligible for some financial incentives to reduce the cost of purchase. LEVC also claims that drivers will benefit from savings in fuel costs if they switch to the new model.

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Written by Long Branch Mike