Plan to integrate Paris Nord & Est stations as hub (RailwayGazette)

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Transport authority Île-de-France Mobilités has outlined a 10-point package running until 2024 to rehabilitate the urban realm around Nord and Est stations in Paris, as well as improving access between them.

The €50m programme is intended to enhance the walking routes between the two stations, which using existing streets are approximately 500 m apart. The authority points out that in total 800 000 passengers/day use the two stations, as well as Magenta station on RER Line E which is located beneath Paris-Nord. More than 200 000 passengers use the stations to interchange between different rail or metro services.

Several walking routes already exist between Nord and Est, but most involve busy urban streets used by heavy road traffic and the shortest route also includes stairs. Île-de-France Mobilités says these are ‘difficult to use and hard to find’.

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Written by Long Branch Mike