Future Dutch trains fuse work, home & transit (PopUpCity)

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During Dutch Design Week, the Dutch national railway company NS showcased their outlook on the future. It involves the fusion of work, home, and transit on board the trains of the future.

Working part-time or freelance, without an office space, always traveling between meetings with a laptop or iPad while balancing family life and work without even thinking about the 9-to-5 itinerary of the past. This lifestyle is becoming a reality for many young people in cities worldwide and it’s calling for new types of spaces that fit new needs.

The Dutch national railway company NS has identified new demands of commuters that use their trains on a daily basis. It has presented its solutions to meet their customers needs in the future as work, transit, and private life blend together. The result is a stunning new train interior for intercity trains that connect The Netherlands’ major cities that allows passengers to make the most out of their time on board.

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Written by Long Branch Mike