Interactive travel & map kiosks in NYC Subway (Smart Rail World)

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Thirty subway stations across New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) have started using new technology to improve its passengers’ journeys and provide more accurate information. A new service which was introduced last month displays real-time subway train arrival times at ‘On the Go’ interactive kiosks in stations. On the Go Travel Station is an innovative, interactive digital communications tool that provides MTA/New York City Transit subway customers with a wealth of valuable information at their finger-tips. Customers can obtain data about their complete trip, from service status, to trip planning, to details about nearby destinations, resulting in an unprecedented amount of information accessible inside the subway system, including major hubs like Grand Central, Union Square and Fulton Street.

On the Go kiosks are located in some of the system’s busiest stations and is one of the largest transit based digital signage networks in the US, currently providing transit information to more than 1.5 million subway users daily.

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Written by Long Branch Mike