In Pictures: The Buses of London


It will likely come as a surprise to no-one that the residents of LR Towers are inveterate browsers of second-hand bookshops. Occasionally these dusty forays yield more than obscure texts. Such is the case here, where a recent visit saw the discovery of a number of old bus photos tucked into an old timetable book.

The photos help highlight the sheer variety of vehicles that have been used to carry passengers on London’s streets since the first introduction of the bus. They represent only a fraction of the designs that have seen service, but are part of an evolving visual journey that continues to this day.

Unfortunately the photos were unmarked and without captions. We would thus be grateful if our more bus-inclined readers could identify the make and models in the comments. We will then update this post.


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Written by John Bull
John Bull is the Editor of London Reconnections. A transport journalist and historian, his writing often focuses on the political or strategic challenges facing London's transport network and beyond.