Aedas Appointed to Revamp Euston


Euston Concept Design

Euston Concept Design

Architects Aedas have been appointed to oversee a revamp of the existing concourse at Euston staton.

In their own words:

Aedas has developed a coherent language for the station wayfinding, retail signage and advertising, ensuring they are integrated into the station architecture. Improvements to the passenger experience will be provided by better connection between internal and external concourses, simplifying routes to the platforms and improving passenger information.

Increased lettable area will be provided by the addition of a mezzanine deck within the concourse, allowing growth in the premium food and beverage offer. The structure inserts rich materials into the concourse, complimenting the crispness of the original design and augmenting the wayfinding and passenger flow around the London Underground access.

Distilling the relevant information from the above, the concourse of the existing national rail station will be revamped incrementally and decluttered.

As commentors have pointed out before in reference to Kings Cross, increasing “lettable area” seems to have become a key objective in many of Network Rail’s station rebuilds in recent years, and this trend seems set to continue at Euston. It will become the latest of London’s stations to acquire a new Mezzanine deck.

Any revamp of Euston may of course prove temporary, with the possibility of a major station overhaul lurking should HS2 go ahead. Aedas’ final designs are likely to take this into account, and no doubt Network Rail will be keen to ensure that the potential for wasted effort is minimised.

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Written by John Bull
John Bull is the Editor of London Reconnections. A transport journalist and historian, his writing often focuses on the political or strategic challenges facing London's transport network and beyond.