Uber’s Movement: A peek at their data (City Observatory)

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Uber’s lifting the veil – just a little – to provide data on urban transportation performance. Uber’s new Movement tool provides valuable new source of data about travel times in urban environments. We’ve gotten an early look at Movement, and think its something that you’ll want to investigate, if you’re interested in urban transportation.

Uber likes to bill itself as a technology company, rather than a transportation company: technically, it’s the independent driver-owners of vehicles that provide the transportation service; Uber uses an array of information technology to arrange, monitor, finance, and evaluate the transaction.  In the process, Uber generates a huge amount of data about the trips that people take and the level and speed of traffic in cities. Access to this ride data has been hotly debated for a number of reasons. Customers, rightly, are interested in protecting their privacy. Ride-hailing companies naturally are seeking to keep this valuable market information from their competitors.

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Written by Long Branch Mike