Train cab simulator systems (Rail Engineer)

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Train Cab Simulator Systems have developed rather a lot, and whilst they usually no longer require the full motion experience, they have developed in ways that were unimaginable back then. It is no longer a question of providing a simulator, but of providing a training environment to meet defined requirements based on training needs analysis. There will generally be a 1:1 representation of a cab, some sort of wide screen video display, an instructor’s console and usually a classroom environment so that delegates can learn from each other’s driving.

It is easy enough to build a cab replica with functioning controls, but it is far from trivial to make it feel like the real thing and immerse the driver into a high-fidelity experience. All sorts of tricks are played on the senses to convince the trainee that the train is moving. In many ways, the requirement is similar to the immersive experience that video gamers seek. Like video games, the sound and video experience is key to the simulation.

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Written by Long Branch Mike