Paris 2024 diesel ban (Mobilités Magazine)


On 12 October 2017, the City of Paris announced the schedule for the ban on diesel vehicles in the capital. The new Climate Air Territorial Energy Plan will be submitted in November to vote at the Council of Paris, to set the end of the diesel engines in Paris in 2024.

The National Federation of Passenger Transport (FNTV), believes it has finally been heard after three years of discussions with the City of Paris. This culminated in the mobilization of 300 buses on the Paris ring road on 20 December 2016. The FNTV has always believed that the initial objective, to prohibit diesel coaches in the city as early as 2020, was totally unrealistic.

With this new announcement, FNTV is committed to resuming discussions with the City of Paris regarding this 2024 objective, provided that manufacturers can quickly deploy alternative and economically sustainable solutions. The Federation therefore asks to be received by the Paris City Council, as it promised, before the deliberation of the Paris Council in November 2017, to discuss the terms and conditions for implementing the ban on diesel coaches.

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Written by Long Branch Mike