After an extended Winter break, London Reconnections continues its New York podcast series with an episode on cycling in New York.

Doug Gordon is the author of the Brooklyn Spoke, which focuses on bike advocacy and safe streets. He’s also a TV producer and writer with credits for National Geographic TV, ABC, Discovery, PBS, and the Travel Channel.

Julia Kite is the Policy and Research Manager for Transportation Alternatives (TransAlt), New York City’s advocates for walking, biking, and using public transportation. As part of TransAlt’s mission to reclaim streets from motor vehicles for all New Yorkers and to advocate for initiatives that bring the city closer to achieving Vision Zero, she guides the organization’s evidence-based policy initiatives and undertakes research on topics including safe street redesign, cycling expansion, and transportation equity.

Doug and Julia give us an introduction to cycling in New York. The discussion covers evolution of cycling, its infrastructure provision and public policy, as well as the culture and media narratives.

For more frequent updates on the topic you can follow our guests on twitter at @BrooklynSpoke and @juliakite.

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There are 2 comments on this article
  1. Reynolds 953 says:

    I found the podcast interesting in terms of parallels and differences with London.

    While it wasn’t covered in the podcast, my gut feel is that London is a bit more advanced than NY when it comes to cycling infrastructure (although still nowhere near best practice) and I think cycling numbers demonstrate this.

    I also learned a new phrase: “concern trolling”, which means coming up with a list of concerns about cycling infrastructure which are intended to disguise the objector’s real concern: “I don’t want any change to where I can drive and park”.

  2. BCW says:

    Your podcast url seems to have stopped working in the last few days – is it still there?

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