Who We Are

Above all else, London Reconnections is a group effort. Many people have contributed to LR over the years, and many more will hopefully do so in future. Below, however, you will find a little bit of information about some of the writers you may run into on this site.

John Bull


Generally to be found poking through strategy documents or reports, John Bull’s articles tend to focus on happenings behind the scenes and analysis of recent events. An historian by training and self-confessed Underground history obsessive, most of LR’s forays into the Underground’s past can be laid at his feet. Bull is always happy to admit that he’s easily the worst photographer on the team.


Senior Writer

Walker of a wide beat, Mwmbwl’s articles cover a broad range of both topics and geography. He tends to be the first to cover Thameslink, and often leads on the much under-promoted subject of freight. Mwmbwls articles can also stray occasionally into the historical, and he is the primary writer of LR’s infamous Christmas Quiz. His sometimes enthusiastic writing style is occasionally the bane of his editor’s existence.

Pedantic of Purley

Senior Writer

Dissector of Rail Utilization Strategies, Pedantic’s articles often cover issues and subjects related to London’s railway network and the general domain of Network Rail. Indeed, Pedantic is probably the only member of the writing team who currently understands quite what’s going on with the track layout at London Bridge.


Senior Writer

Finding himself drawn to the intricacies of the London rail network many years ago as an alternative to focusing on his university studies, old habits die hard and years later, with an unexpected return from Australia, Lemmo discovered LR and he was snared after posting too many comments. A penchant for the broader story tends to yield longer articles, often with some historical context but always with a future view asking: what do we want the London rail network to look like?

Jonathan Roberts

Senior Writer

Jonathan Roberts has nearly 50 years’ professional experience in the UK, dealing with transport and development matters and transport lobbying. He was Chairman of the North London Line Committee in 1975-80, and Assistant then Deputy Director of Transport 2000 (now Campaign for Better Transport) during 1980-86. From 1986 to 2009 Jonathan was a Director in Communications PLC, managing services for many transport, local government and infrastructure clients. He has run his own project consultancy, JRC, since 2009, and also provides specialist commentary on transport, planning and regeneration matters. JRC’s website is www.jrc.org.uk.

Long Branch Mike

Senior Writer

Long Branch Mike comes to LR from the aerospace industry as software engineer on airliners, then applying his engineering talents as a R&D consultant. He later became a bus driver for a short time and transit advocate. He was a correspondent for Urban Transport International magazine published in Paris, and provided transit updates to Tramways and Urban Transport Magazine. Mike is the LR Editor for the North American, Industry and Friday Reads Desks, as well as the Pneumatic Railway, Marine, and Airship Desks. Mike is also a member of LR Editorial Board, proofreader and Head of the LR Moderator autonomous collective. When not researching, writing about or taking transport, Mike can be found on a fresh sheet of ice playing goal for pelf.

The Commentors

The Heart of the Site

Their name is Legion: for they are many. A good mix of enthusiasts, industry members and commuters, the commentors are LR’s lifeblood. They answer the (many!) questions we can’t, provide us with topics to write about and images to share, and generally make this site a pleasant place to spend some time.

The Flikrists

Providers of Imagery

Although they may not contribute directly, the Flikrists who give us permission to use their photos and images play a major part in the creation of content for this site as well. It is often to Flikr that we turn when we need photos to help illustrate articles, and we are rarely disappointed. Almost invariably, the Flikrists whose photos we request permission to use are gracious and quick to grant us permission to do so, and for that reason they deserve a mention here.

Contact Information

If you ever need to contact us directly, then you can do so by emailing us at [email protected]. Alternatively, if you have a sudden desire to send us free books (or other interesting things) you can do so using the address below:

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