Split ticketing: inside Loco2’s Pricehack (Railway-Tech)


Train booking platform Loco2 recently launched Pricehack, a new money-saving feature that lets users split journeys into smaller legs. If a commuter is travelling from London to Durham, for example, it may prove cheaper to buy one ticket from London to York and other from York to Durham.

Among the companies now offering this service is Loco2, an online train booking platform founded in 2012 by a brother and sister team who wanted to encourage passengers to choose trains over planes.

The company – which was acquired by the French rail network, Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer français (SNCF), in 2017 – says its split ticketing technology, Pricehack, could help reduce the cost of one-way tickets by as much as 50%.

Loco2 says its service provides options for international travel and also works with advance fares, something their competitors are not able to offer. Two months after its initial launch Pricehack is also now available for return journeys.

“Loco2 is also the only multinational train booking platform that includes split tickets into international travel, if a journey starts or finishes in Great Britain. Loco2 guarantees that if a ticket can be Pricehacked, it’ll always be a £1 cheaper than on other traditional train booking platforms or rail operators websites.”

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Written by Long Branch Mike