South Wales rail site 97% diesel free (RailwayNews)

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South Wales: Network Rail and Colas Rail have been working on a large-scale rail renewal project in South Wales where they have used solar lighting and power generation. The two companies wish to demonstrate the viability of a sustainable ‘Site of the Future’. In this case they managed to operate 97 percent diesel-free.

South Wales: 97 percent diesel-free 'site of the future'
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Network Rail and Colas Rail opted for solar and battery technologies from Prolectric Ltd in favour of diesel generators at the 21-acre worksite in South Wales. As a result, they have saved 6,000 litres of fuel and more than 15 tons of carbon dioxide during a two-week project that involved a 72-hour possession during the long weekend in early May. During that period more than 70 railway staff worked on the site.

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