Rail route from Korea to Europe tested (RailFreight)

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Russian companies RZD Logistics, a subsidiary of Russian Railways, and FESCO have tested a new multimodal route. It combines three modes of transportation: shipping, railway and lorry. The new route connects the Republic of Korea with the European Union via the Trans-Siberian railway.

The test container was departed from the South Korean port of Pusan on 25 June. FESCO delivered it to the Commercial Port of Vladivostok (also a part of FESCO Group). The Russian company used its own shipping line FESCO Korea Express (FKXP) that connects Pusan and Vladivostok. Another participant, RZD Logistics, organised the delivery of the container to the Brest railway station in Belarus. At this border station, the freight was transshipped to the rolling stock running on the 1,435-millimetre gauge and then was transported by rail to the Brzeg Dolny railway station, located 30 kilometres northwest from Wrocław. The Polish section of the route was arranged by PCC Intermodal, the FESCO’s official partner and only agent in Europe. The final delivery was provided by the lorry: it carried the container from Brzeg-Dolny to the customer’s warehouse in Wrocław.

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Written by Long Branch Mike