Optimising European train path capacity (RailFreight)

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Train path capacity on the core network corridors in Europe can be offered in a much more efficient and attractive manner. A single, digital system called the C-OSS* should facilitate this. However, there is only little response to the innovation as it is just not familiar in the sector yet.

[*Corridor One-Stop-Shop (C-OSS) facilitates train path management for international rail freight along the Rail Freight Corridor North Sea – Baltic. It is a single contact point allowing customers to request and receive answers regarding infrastructure capacity for international freight trains along this corridor.]

This was the conclusion of the C-OSS Community, which was assigned the task to improve the current capacity offer, one of the priorities set at the TENT-T Days in Rotterdam, in 2016. In the medium term, the aim is to allocate, coordinate or support the majority of the entire international rail freight market along the corridors and connecting lines via the C-OSS.

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Written by Long Branch Mike