New emission-slashing rail tech trialed (RailTechMag)


Groundbreaking emission-reducing technology is to be fitted to South Western Railway (SWR) train units as part of a new trial aiming to cut down harmful emissions from diesel trains by 80%.

Porterbrook is working in partnership with exhaust manufacturer Eminox to carry out the trial, with the DfT supporting the rolling stock company’s investment.

This will see South Western Railway’s Class 159 diesel units fitted with a first-of-its-kind emissions control device, with plans to roll out the technology to hundreds of diesel trains across the UK’s rail network.

The device will provide real-time diagnostics and performance data from the system and advanced catalyst technology will be used to overcome rail-specific challenges such as high exhaust temperatures, the partnership said.

The catalyst fitted to the rolling stock could reduce nitrous oxide emissions by over 80% and carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons emissions by over 90%, compared with current levels.

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Written by Long Branch Mike