London has world’s largest cycling database (IntelTransport)

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London is the first city in the world to collect data on cycling infrastructure, such as parking spots and protected lanes, on such a large scale which is hoped to ultimately make cycling more enjoyable across the capital.

Transport for London (TfL) has launched the Cycling Infrastructure Database, the world’s largest database of cycling infrastructure which will help to make cycling in London easier and more tailored to people’s needs. The database contains the details of all 240,000 pieces of cycling infrastructure in London, such as cycle parking spaces and cycle lanes.

TfL research has shown that many people feel uncomfortable about setting off on a cycle journey without knowing what to expect, particularly when it comes to finding a place to park or a protected cycle lane.

To create the database, TfL surveyed every street in every London borough to collect data on all 146,000 cycle parking spaces across London, as well as gathering information on 2,000km of cycle lanes, 960 traffic filters and 58,000 wayfinding signs. The database also contains 480,000 photographs of cycling infrastructure, allowing users to see exactly what can be found on street and where.

TfL Cycle Journey Planner

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