Green revolution on Austrian rails (RailTech)

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Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) is implementing environmentally friendly solutions to reduce CO2 emissions. The company develops the use of green traction energy, improves its infrastructure, invests in alternative mobilities. By 2050, ÖBB aims to become the CO2-neutral railway operator.

A year ago, at the beginning of July 2018, ÖBB has achieved a milestone in its energy-saving and climate protection policy. The company announced the switch to 100 per cent green traction energy. “Our traction current comes entirely from the hydroelectric power, sun and wind – this is the future and our contribution: 100 per cent green electricity! We are proud to expand further our position as the country’s leading climate protection company,” CEO of ÖBB Holding Andreas Matthä said to that occasion.

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Written by Long Branch Mike