DB buying 17 double-decker IC trains (Railway-News)

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Deutsche Bahn (DB) is accelerating the development of its long-distance services. It has made a quick decision to purchase 17 high-quality double-decker trains that are currently operating for Westbahn in Austria to bolster its intercity fleet. The vehicles are largely only two years old and have reached top levels of customer satisfaction.

Stadler KISS Double-Decker Trains

The high-quality trains, which Stadler manufactures, can travel at speeds of 200km/h. They are available in four and six-car configurations with either 300 or 500 seats. Arranged over two floors, they are very spacious. They feature wifi and power sockets at every seat.

The areas for passengers with reduced mobility, for luggage and bicycles will be expanded in line with DB standards. A new livery will clearly identify these trains as part of the intercity family.

Intercity 2

DB will take possession of the first trains in December. They will run as ‘Intercity 2’ on the new line between Dresden-Berlin-Oranienburg-Rostock as soon as the necessary test and training drives have been completed.

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Written by Long Branch Mike