DB 3D printing heavy metal components (RailwayNews)

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Berlin-based company GEFERTEC has developed an innovative process that allows Deutsche Bahn to print heavy metal components for the first time. This will drastically reduce delivery times. To allow the company to produce a spare part at the push of a button, DB is creating construction templates for 3D printing from existing drawings and scanned objects.

Deutsche Bahn started 3D printing – additive manufacturing – in 2015. It produced a simple, light grey coat hook made of plastic. There are thousands of these coat hooks in its ICE trains. In fact, DB has 3D printed more than 7,000 components since 2015. It can currently make 120 different components using additive manufacturing, including head rests and spare parts for its on-board coffee machines. Now Deutsche Bahn can use the metal printing process in the 3D printer to manufacture components for ICE trains that weigh more than 17kg.

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Written by Long Branch Mike