UPS moving to all electric vehicle central London deliveries (Electric Vehicles Research)

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UK Power Networks Services has implemented smart new electric vehicle charging systems to power UPS’s central London delivery fleet for what is believed to be the first time in the world on this scale.

Currently, freight vehicles account for around one fifth of traffic in London. The Mayor of London’s draft Transport Strategy highlights how distribution centres in inner and central London, from where deliveries will be made by low and zero emission vehicles, will form part of the solution toward a zero emission transport system in London by 2050.

Freight electric vehicles, like those used by UPS, can use up to ten times as much power as a typical home when charging. This means that charging large numbers of trucks simultaneously puts significant demand on the depot’s electricity supply. In a major new technological advance, this project will enable UPS to increase the number of 7.5-tonne electric trucks operating from its London site from 65 to all 170, without the need for the usual expensive upgrade to the power supply connection.

UK Power Networks Services smart charging solution combines an Active Network Management system with battery storage, ensuring the depot’s electricity demand will not exceed the network’s limit and prevent significant investment in network electrical infrastructure.

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