The London Reconnections 2018 Christmas Quiz


It’s that time of year again. Advent calendars are being opened, presents purchased and the tabloids are preparing their ‘outrage’ pieces about vital Christmas works. That means, of course, that is time for the London Reconnections Christmas Transport Quiz.

An annual tradition, the Christmas Quiz tests not only your transport knowledge but also your ability to think laterally. The questions are intended to vary between easy and difficult, but not impossible – or at least not impossible to have a plausible guess at (perhaps with a bit of creative searching). Don’t worry if you can’t get them all – most people won’t. The fun, however, is in the trying. Don’t be put off sending in your answers if you haven’t got everything – because it is quite likely others are in a similar position.

We try not to ask trick questions, but won’t hesitate to put you off the scent occasionally. On picture questions, there may be a bit of a clue in the name of the image. Most of the questions are about London but we may stray well beyond that geographically, if not thematically.

In an act of desperation for some good questions we have recycled some answers from previous years – but rest assured the questions are very different. For once we haven’t any question specifically about the Metropolitan Railway, though we can’t promise that ‘Metropolitan’ won’t appear somewhere!

Points may mean…

A start to building up a prize collection

We are aware of our embarrassing failure to deliver on prizes in the past. Whilst it is meant to be a bit of fun we do aim to acknowledge success and we have made a start of acquiring a cache of token prizes for past and current winners. As always though, the real prize is the opportunity to demonstrate your superiority over the LR Towers brain trust and your fellow readers. For this reason, please be aware that any answers (or clues we think are too obvious) will be deleted from the comments. If you work for a transport company and are sitting on some interesting potential prizes though that you don’t mind sharing, then do get in touch!

Sending in submissions

The closing time and date is 23:59 GMT on New Year’s Eve. We aim to publish the answers at 00:01 on New Years Day. Sometime after that but, not too long we hope, we will publish the winners, identified by a suitable pseudonym agreeable to them, and an analysis of how people, in general, got on.

Each question or part of a question normally carries one mark. It is relatively obvious where this is the case. Please send your answers to [email protected] with the word “quiz” in the subject line. If you send multiple submissions then only the last one we receive from you will be considered. Please don’t send partials and then expect us to stitch them together. We have better things to do and the festive alcohol won’t drink itself.

Can I have the answers for my Christmas party…?

For obvious reasons, we won’t give out the answers to this year’s quiz ahead of time. If you’d like a collection of previous year’s questions and answers for use at this time of year, then simply email us at [email protected].

And now on to the questions. A merry Christmas to you all from LR Towers!

The LR Team

Question 1

As at December 1st, what have the following events in 2018 got in common?

  • Introduction of 20tph on Thameslink
  • Inauguration of electric passenger service on the Gospel Oak – Barking line
  • The re-opening of platform 23 and 24 at Waterloo to accommodate increased passenger services on South Western Railway
  • The first stage of automatic train operation on the Sub-surface Railway

Question 2

2018 was probably not a good year for TfL in the courts. On a positive note for them, what injunction did TfL manage to get lifted in 2018?

Question 3

What is the only TfL service where (according to TfL themselves) passenger satisfaction increases if the service runs slow?

Question 4

What TfL service, as of 1st December, has been closed for around 7 weeks in 2018?

Question 5

What is the only station on the London Underground that still officially has a ticket office in use that is run by London Underground?

Question 6

A picture question: What ‘London’ station am I?

Question 7

Name any saints that have two former or current stations that reference their name. The pairs of stations in question must both be within the London suburban rail and Underground network. For the purposes of this question, the London suburban network is the area covered by Oyster. Any recognised name of a station that has had multiple names during its existence is allowed.

You cannot use ‘All Saints’ as one of your pair – they must be specifically named or referenced. Also, stations must be distinct and not merely part of the same complex although they can be located in fairly close proximity to each other and still qualify – but we are really after stations that are a considerable distance apart. St Pancras definitely doesn’t count as a valid answer.

If two stations refer to the same named saint but they are in fact referring to different saints then, as far as we are concerned for the purposes of this question, they count as being the same.

One mark for each saint identified. If the stations concerned are not obvious it might be a good idea to include those in case we overlooked some answers.

Question 8

If you’d been at Clapton Junction in 1909, what British transport first would you have seen?

Question 9

A question that could perhaps be considered related to the previous one.

What do King’s Cross, Manchester Piccadilly, York and Uppsala Central all have in qommon?

Question 10

On a dry February day at midday, a man catches a train from Kings Cross to Sydenham. He exits the station for ten minutes before re-entering and catching a train to Regents Park. He leaves Regents Park station for ten minutes before re-entering and catching a train to Epping. This final journey involves a change of train and the train taken for the second leg, by a slightly indirect route, travels fast through Lewisham station without stopping.

What was the man wearing?

(Any reasonable plausible answer accepted.)

Question 11

This picture, valid at December 1st, is a road sign in London with the text removed. Where is this sign located?

Question 12

At the turn of the century before last, it wasn’t uncommon to see the Duchess of Argyll, the Duchess of Hamilton or the Duchess of Rothesay at King’s Cross. What is so unusual (at least from a railway perspective) about them?

Question 13

What have the following bus routes got in common? They are (in numerical order):

  • a route that serves Oxford Street and terminates at a bus garage
  • a route that runs between a park and a square of the same name (from _____ Park to _____ Square)
  • a route that was created out of the southern end of one of the longest routes in London (and was initially designated that route number but suffixed with an A and then prefixed by a 3 but dropped the A). It itself was substantially cut back to roughly half its original length.
  • a route that connects two London rail termini by a circuitous route

(The list is not exhaustive)

Question 14

What connection is there between ‘The King of Love’ and a London omnibus? We are looking for a three word phrase: a ________ _________ __________

Question 15

Clad in iron at the home of tin, a small piece of me can still be found.
A quiet relic of a local history, proud.

What am I and where on the London Underground will you find me?

Question 16

Name the two former or current railways shown on the diagram.

Question 17

For seasoned quizzers, working out where we are will be easy. But what is depicted on the wall?

Question 18

As of December 1st, what is the cheapest possible walk-on fare (without discount or concessions) on a non-stop train from Paddington to Heathrow Terminals 2 & 3? And when can it be made?

By walk-on we mean not bought in advance prior to reaching the station. Payment can be by Oystercard or cash.

Question 19

The above list consists of four pairs of locations. What is the common feature that connects the first and the second of the pair in each case? In one of the cases the common feature is slightly different from the other three. Which is the odd one out and why?

Question 20

Which northern railway, with a 73 year-old history, struck a solid blow for equality in 2018 when its previously-perceived all-male department became 50% female due to a new intake? A description of the railway is acceptable if the formal title is not known.

Question 21

What no longer has the hump and will see trains in the next year or so? Meanwhile, changes at the nearby station might make some people cross as they will have difficulty getting across.

Question 22

The final question is about platforms

a) At one station in 2018, as a result of an increase in service frequency on an all-stations service at this station, on a line that serves this platform, the number of trains using the platform was substantially reduced. Name the station and the platform.

b) A station within Greater London is expected to gain an extra platform in 2019 which logically ought to be numbered platform 0. Which station is this and where is there another platform 0 ? (already in use). There may be more than one other platform 0 already in use but we only need one example.

c) Which station doesn’t have a platform 13 but does have a platform 12 and a platform 14?

Written by Pedantic of Purley