Rail industry pledges to cut ticket jargon (Railway-Technology)

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The rail industry has revealed it will remove jargon printed on rail tickets and journey information from 500,000 routes this September in a bid to simplify the process of buying tickets.

A host of industry partners led by the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) launched the initiative after KPMG research showed that a fifth of travellers find it hard to understand what type of ticket they need to purchase; a third of passengers do not trust that they are always getting the best deal available.

Potentially misleading language such as ‘Route Direct’ and ‘Any Permitted’ will be therefore eliminated, together with another 1.6 million instances of unclear jargon over the next couple of years.

The industry will aim to replace these phrases with simplified terminology like ‘via’ a specific station, or by leaving a blank space if the journey follows a direct route. Tickets valid to one station in London will state the specific destination, rather than reading ‘London Terminals’.

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Written by Long Branch Mike