Even French public transport is now being perfumed (Mobilités Magazine)

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After a first conclusive test carried out in Vélizy (part of the 78th arrondissement of Paris, which includes Versailles), the public transport networks of Lyon and Lille will next succumb to the perfumed fragrances of company Sensorys.

Keolis Lyon, the company operating the Lyon transport network, has just confirmed its order to Sensorys to improve the perception of cleanliness and reduce the feeling of overcrowding on the Lyon public transport network. After a six month test phase, Sensorys will equip the main stations of the Lyon Métro. Then the Lille Métro will benefit from the same olfactory treatment.

First inspired by the experience of the Vélizy bus network, also operated by Keolis, the system consists of a mist diffuser system integrated in the ceiling of vehicles, which works upon opening of the doors. “Our perfume diffuser allows users to feel good, to breathe fresh air, bringing a feeling of cleanliness” says Pierre Pagès, founder of Sensorys.

Created in 2004, this company continues make its mark in the public transport market: station halls, metro stations, vehicles. To continue its momentum, it relies on the qualities of its processes: no respiratory allergens, carcinogens, mutagenic or reproductive toxicity, or volatile organic compounds. Its services go as far as creating specific scents for its customers: “Eau de Vinci” for Vinci Park, “Hello d’Onet”, for group Onet, “Shiso Water”, for Spie Concessions.

Sensorys has also signed a partnership agreement with the manufacturer Iveco to equip Noumea buses, and on the island of Reunion. The company has also started a test phase on the Thalys high speed train.

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