Virgin to auction empty First Class seats via app (Railway-Technology)

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Virgin Trains has introduced a new service on its East Coast operations to auction unsold First Class tickets to its passengers through the new Seatfrog smartphone app. The new service will enable them to upgrade their tickets up to 30min before the departure of the respective train from its source. Under the initiative, passengers can bid against each other through an open and transparent auction process. First Class upgrades will cost from £5 and do not need additional paperwork or printed tickets.

Every seat under the auction system will work through a dynamic bidding system that will open around 2.5h before a train departs from its source.

Auction winners will be entitled to receive all benefits and services of First Class, including complimentary food and drink, reclining leather seats, additional legroom and Wi-Fi services. They can also relax in the First Class lounges in selected stations.

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Written by Long Branch Mike