UK third-generation trains (Railway Technology)

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It has been argued that while the UK rail industry is now introducing rolling stock that is more advanced than ever, the time has come to focus on pushing the envelope even further with pioneering designs. But what defines third-generation railway cars?

If a passenger happens to board a new Desiro City train on Thameslink, or, for example, the Class 345 stock which in June made its first appearance on the Elizabeth Line, they are stepping on to what can be classed as second-generation trains.

These are a considerable step up from some of the older rolling stock that still weaves its way through the UK’s rail network. They of course have that ‘freshness’ of anything that is new, with more space to accommodate rising passenger numbers, air conditioning as standard, better access for wheelchair users and improved connectivity to the internet, not to mention the technology in the cab.

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Written by Long Branch Mike