Opulent Japanese sleeper train design (Smart Rail World)

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Train Shiki-shima, or the ‘Island of Four Seasons’ is a hybrid sleeper train operated by East Japan Railways. The ten coach train consists of six sleeping cars, a lounge car, a dining car and observation carriages designed to showcase Japanese design, craftsmanship and customer service. 34 passengers on board will be able to enjoy Michelin star dining and Japanese hospitality.

Set to traverse the northeast of the country starting this May, the lounge has been modeled on a tranquil Japanese forest. The art-deco style trains promise to be an intimate, personalised experience. Guests will be able to view the passing scenery from outdoor viewing platforms. The dining carriage will add to the luxurious experience providing a sophisticated setting to enjoy Japanese cuisine selected by one of the country’s most renowned chefs.

Japan Railway East first announced its plans to build a new luxury cruising train in June 2013. A year later, in June 2014 they revised their exterior design before proposing a new schedule for spring 2017. The train will operate on two-day and four-day circular tours from spring through to autumn. Each season, the sleeper train will take a different route allowing passengers to experience the region’s delights. A summer three-night, four-day itinerary will depart Tokyo.

Travelers will the choice of one, two or three nights will explore a range of locations such as Naruko Hot Springs, the Nikko Toshogu Shrine, and Hirosaki Castle, while excursions will allow passengers to meet local craftsmen, taste local cuisine and explore the unique landscape in one of the world’s most decadent vehicles.

The Worlds most luxurious train?

Written by Long Branch Mike