One thousand switchgears delivery milestone (LC Switchgear)

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In May 2017 LC Switchgear reached a milestone delivering 1000, LCS2 Supply Disconnectors. First supplied in 2002 they continue to set the standards in safety switchgear and are used extensively throughout the DC Rail network primarily for track isolation and the distribution of power from substations.

The low profile grey boxes, usually set close by the side of the track, can be seen in all weathers throughout the South of England. Either individually mounted or where two alternative feeds are required on a twin frame.

They are designed to meet the IP56 standard and are built of rugged long lasting materials. It is a testament to the design and build quality of the LCS2 that it continues to be at the forefront of track isolation technology and forms an integral part of the full LC Switchgear rail product offering.

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Written by Long Branch Mike