London congestion charge on minicabs/Uber/Hailo etc to boost buses (Sunday Times)


Jammed traffic and competition from minicabs have caused sharp drops in bus use.

Uber drivers are among those who face paying an extra £3,000 a year each to operate in London even if the company keeps its licence, The Sunday Times has learnt.

Transport for London (TfL), the regulator, plans to force private-hire vehicles to pay the £11.50-a-day congestion charge because of concern that the proliferation of minicabs is choking streets and emptying bus services. If Uber shoulders the payments, it could cost the company between £20m and £60m a year.

At a meeting of licensing and enforcement officers in Leeds this month Tom Moody, head of policy for taxis at TfL, said the authority would propose the move within months.

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Written by Long Branch Mike