Ideas above your Station: Development Potential in London (Rail Technology)

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Developing London’s rail and tube stations could provide an innovative and sustainable solution to accommodating the capital’s huge population growth, a new report has found.

Think tank Centre for London said that immediate action from the mayor and central government should be taken now to make the most of these opportunities.
The report, ‘Ideas above your Station: Exploring the Potential for Development at London’s Stations’, explains that even though developing over-stations is complex and commercially challenging, projects can be viable if decision-making, governance and design works together properly.

Researchers also found that developing stations had the added benefit of cross-subsidising improvements to stations and infrastructure. However, the report stated that realising these opportunities will not only take a long-term approach to investment, but also integrated methods of planning and delivery that bring together public and private investment.

The Centre for London research also called for more active support for station development in planning policy, for devolved powers over taxation and land value capture, and a new strategic focus to realise the potential of new and existing infrastructure.

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Written by Long Branch Mike