First pedestrian radar system installed in Paris (Ville Rail Transports)

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The first pedestrian radar was installed this summer in La Grande-Motte, Paris, near the Tourist Office. Equipped with five cameras (two covering the pedestrians, two covering the vehicles, and one for an overall view of the scene), the system designed to protect pedestrians is primarily a learning tool, thanks to a well lit sign informing the motorist of their potential risky behaviour.

Designed by the Lyon-based company AFS2R, the pedestrian radar was first tested in the Rhône at Saint-Bonnet-de-Mure, where the commune, along with the municipal police, wanted to be able to verbalize the offences. But the prefecture has not granted the authorization because of a legal vacuum on this type of material with video, to the chagrin of the mayor who wants the legislation to evolve accordingly.

Photo, and original French text

Written by Long Branch Mike