Charles de Gaulle Airport Express Operation & Maintenance Call for Tenders (UITP)


French officials have announced their decision to create a direct and rapid rail service between Charles de Gaulle airport and the Paris city centre. This project, which would help alleviate car traffic to and from Europe’s second-busiest airport, comes in the midst of ongoing efforts to cut down traffic congestion and air pollution in the French capital.

Dubbed CDG Express, the project consists of a direct rail link that would run every fifteen minutes, from 5am to midnight, between Charles de Gaulle airport and the Gare de l’Est railway station in the Parisian city centre. As the service would incorporate a section of newly built rail and would run non-stop, the total travel time between the airport, which lies in the Parisian suburbs, and the city centre would be reduced to just 20 minutes. The service would begin in 2023 – which would be six months ahead of the opening of the Olympic Games, should Paris host the event – and operate 365 days a year.

The CDG Express project team announced its decision to launch a call for tenders for the operation and maintenance of the rail service, and the project team is looking to receive tenders submitted by both the French and the international rail community.

The winning bidder would be awarded a 20 year contract and would receive the support of the regional business community, the city of Paris, and the Paris 2024 Olympic Games community. Additionally, the winner would be in charge of collecting ticket sales revenue, which is expected to be about €150M per year, and possible advertising revenue.

Written by Long Branch Mike