The Elizabethan Age: Crossrail’s Trains Make Their Debut


Today saw the official unveiling of the first of Crossrail’s Class 345s, built by Bombardier in Derby. It would be rude, therefore, not to share with LR readers some photos of the new class in action.

Before leaping into photos and videos, it is worth pointing out that the internal fitting out is far from complete. The moquette is not the final design, nor have internal features been fully painted. Nonetheless, this represents a good opportunity to get a good feel for the new class, both within and without.

The run

2016-07-29 10.49.43

The scene is set

2016-07-29 10.51.55

Something lurks in the old APT shed…

An early run, in video

2016-07-29 10.59.34
2016-07-29 11.03.05
2016-07-29 11.22.33
2016-07-29 11.04.42 HDR

A number of photos of 345001 in motion

2016-07-29 11.21.58

Meanwhile lurking in the shed…

2016-07-29 11.32.51
2016-07-29 11.33.26 HDR
2016-07-29 11.38.26 HDR
2016-07-29 12.20.41
2016-07-29 11.33.59
2016-07-29 11.33.38
2016-07-29 11.33.26 HDR

Inside the Class 345s

2016-07-29 11.38.11
2016-07-29 11.37.40
2016-07-29 11.37.30
2016-07-29 11.37.08
2016-07-29 11.36.10

“It’s not the final moquette!” Jon Hunter shouts, upon seeing LR

2016-07-29 11.35.56
2016-07-29 11.35.29
2016-07-29 11.35.01
2016-07-29 11.34.48
2016-07-29 11.42.30

Howard Smith, Operations Director at Crossrail, in the cab

A few extras

We would have been remiss, of course, not to take advantage of the opportunity to gaze around Bombardier’s yard. Below are thus a few more images and videos for our reader’s amusement.

2016-07-29 12.09.10
2016-07-29 12.14.45
2016-07-29 12.15.31

And we will finish with a short videos of some shunting.

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Written by John Bull
John Bull is the Editor of London Reconnections. A transport journalist and historian, his writing often focuses on the political or strategic challenges facing London's transport network and beyond.