As you’ve no doubt spotted, we’ve updated the LR site visually and extensively behind the scenes. As many readers will remember, we shifted to new infrastructure and layout a while back. This new change is intended to allow us to take advantage of various technical changes that have happened on the web since then, incorporate some of the feedback from the last round of changes, and – most importantly – to give us a design that we can iterate rather than overhaul going forward.

It’ll also allow us to start rolling out some of the extra functionality and layout options we’ve been building up behind the scenes over the last few months. First amongst these is the “options” page, which allows you to better manage things like body font and readability settings (and to which we can add more options as required going forwards). We’ll also shortly roll out a glossary.

As usual, any comments or bugs please report them here. Obviously we’ve tested it in as many different browsers and on as many different devices as possible, but Web Design is very much an art rather than a science, and some bugs and quirks will inevitably slip through.

If you do report something, I’d be grateful if you could include details of both your operating system and browser. It makes things easier for us to try and replicate and fix.


Written by John Bull
John Bull is the Editor of London Reconnections. A transport journalist and historian, his writing often focuses on the political or strategic challenges facing London's transport network and beyond.