A London Reconnections Celebration: Happy 5th Birthday To Us


If you have been diligently reading the comments recently, you may be aware that London Reconnections is five years old today.

Our birthdays always make us realise how far we’ve come, and how much we enjoy writing for you all. They are also a time when we stop and look back on all the comments and emails we have received from you all and are reminded just how much this site is the product of its readers as much as ourselves.

Combined, you have contributed over 64,000 comments over the last five years, and more photos and spots than we could possibly count. For that, as always, we can only say one thing – thank you to everyone who has contributed. We couldn’t do it without you.

Marking the Quinquennary

To mark our fifth birthday, we have a few things in store. Online, John Bull will be taking a look at some of the interesting stats from behind the scenes here at LR. There’s also another change coming down the line this week which… well… perhaps here a picture will provide a better teaser than a whole paragraph of words.


It’s not just online though that we are looking to celebrate. A few people have remarked that this cannot pass without some kind of physical celebration so Graham Feakins has done the decent thing and organised a drinks get together. Yes, that’s right, it is time for us to put the rumours to bed and prove that John Bull isn’t just Mike Brown in a fake moustache, and that Pedantic of Purley isn’t a piece of TfL traffic-planning software that has somehow gained sentience and gone rogue.

The Pub

The plan is to meet at the Rose & Crown in Southwark. The exact address is 47 Columbo St London SE1 8DP and the pub website provides a map here. For those of you whose attendance depends on the beer on offer we can tell you that there is normally Master Brew, Kent’s Best and Spitfire, plus Whitstable Bay Pale Ale.

The Date

The date has been fixed for Tuesday 13th August.

The Time

There will be a few of us around from 6pm onwards. We will initially be inside and will make it quite obvious that we are something to do with trains and other public transport. We may move out to the attractive beer garden later if the weather is nice or, just possibly, to a function room if not. Obviously you don’t have to turn up at 6pm – we will be around until closing time. If for any reason you want a phone number for the day send an email to our “questions” email address and we will provide a number.


Do not be misled by the appetising menu on the website. That is lunchtime only. Very limited snacks are available in the evening.

Detailed instructions on How to get there

Turn left out of Southwark tube station (Jubilee Line) into Blackfriars Road, pass under railway bridge and walk to Novotel. Turn left into short, unmarked street on the far corner of Novotel and the Rose & Crown comes into view across the road to the right at the other end. Approx. 2 mins. walking time from the station exit.

Or from Blackfriars station (Thameslink) exit at the south end. You should now be facing the river. Turn left (i.e. proceeding upstream) to reach the south end of Blackfriars Bridge and turn left into Blackfriars Road. Keep on the right-hand side and turn right into Columbo Street on the corner with Christ Church. The Rose & Crown is on the right after a very short walk down Columbo Street. Approx. 5 mins walk.

future Meets

If the evening goes down well it has been suggested that, for those who want to meet on a regular basis, we do the same every month. Modern Railways has its lavish “Fourth Friday” club where senior rail managers meet for a formal lunch. London Reconnections looks forward to our “Second Tuesday” club where readers of the website have the chance to get together for an informal drink. The day may be changed if it turns out that a different day is more appropriate but that is the one we are going for at the moment.

No need to book, just come along

We don’t need to know that you are coming but it would help us to get some idea of numbers so if it is your intention to come then a comment below to that effect would help us. Whether we see you or not, however, we can only say once again:

Thank you very much for reading, we look forward to the next five years!

Written by John Bull
John Bull is the Editor of London Reconnections. A transport journalist and historian, his writing often focuses on the political or strategic challenges facing London's transport network and beyond.