New Entrance at West Croydon Station


For many years a new entrance to West Croydon station that was more convenient for the tram stop and bus station has been advocated. Although the start of construction had been announced the opening itself seems to have gone unremarked. The entrance is new but it is next to the original station building which, unusually, was built on the down side of the station.

The whitewashed wall is part of the original station building. Note that the ticket machine has not yet been installed so if you need a ticket you currently still have to use the old entrance. Also, unless remedial action will be taken, when the new ticket machine is installed it will partially hide the notice giving the times of train departures to specified stations.

The entrance is staffed by a single member of staff for the bulk of the day from Monday to Saturday and presumably that member of staff can also attend to platform duties if required.

It is not clear why it appears that you cannot simply touch-in on a Sunday.

Naturally TfL have been keen to publicise the new entrance locally but one could argue that they are slightly over-zealous. For a start the advantage of its use as an entrance is pretty minimal unless you are catching a train towards Sutton as the distance to walk to platforms 1 and 3 (for trains to London) is roughly the same as using the older entrance on London Road which is still open. Its real benefit is as an exit from the down platform (platform 4) which is served by both Southern Railway through trains and London Overground terminating trains. The tram stop is only yards away and the bus station is just across the road but unfortunately there is not yet a convenient pedestrian crossing at this point.

The Tramlink shelter leaves you in no doubt as to the direction of the station entrance.

Unfortunately on the other side of the road the sign makes it clear that the direction of the station entrance is in the opposite direction.

Written by Pedantic of Purley