In Pictures: Stratford’s New Ticket Hall and the DLR


There are a number of pre-Olympic projects nearing completion at Stratford, the first of which is the new Ticket Hall on the mezzanine. This is now virtually finished, but is unlikely to open until the adjacent Westfield Shopping Centre does (as that is primarily what it is there to serve).

Many thanks to version3point1 for the station photos below, which are reproduced with her permission. More can be found on her flikr photostream.

A couple of looks at the gateline. The first two a good impression of the layout which has the gates take a refused line. The gates themselves are those previously used on the Jubilee Line.

One of the three walkways to platform 3a.

A view along the concourse towards the firedoors.

Eagle eyes will spot that there’s no currently no Multi-fare Ticket Machine. The empty sitings at top right are for DLR and National Rail departure boards, if they’re ultimately added. Unfortunately, as can be seen there’s no ticket office upstairs, so queries will have to be directed downstairs.

Sadly, the market for second hand Stratford signs is presumably rather small, although there’s always the Metro-North.

Elsewhere at Stratford, there is still no set date for the opening of the DLR link to Stratford International. Last November’s Rail and Underground report had targetted “early 2011,” and there had been some comments suggesting February was the target.

TfL have confirmed, however, that it will now be some time in the Spring (sources suggest the end of April):

The Stratford International extension will open to the public in late Spring 2011. This delay has been caused by joint venture contractors Skanska and Volker Rail taking longer than expected to progress some technical aspects of the project such as communications system design and installation.

That statement, unfortunately, can probably at least partially be translated as “some oik keeps nicking the cables.”

In the meantime, at least testing and commissioning is now underway. Tony O’Dell has kindly passed on several images of a test train (located, in the photos, at Canning Town) in use at the end of last month.

Written by John Bull
John Bull is the Editor of London Reconnections. A transport journalist and historian, his writing often focuses on the political or strategic challenges facing London's transport network and beyond.