In Video: A Return to the Crossrail Centre Point Camera


We’ve covered the Crossrail demolition work at Tottenham Court Road as viewed from the TfL webcam in the TfL offices at Centre Point before. With work progressing on the project, it seems fitting to return to it once again.

The video below, which comes courtesy of London Underground, shows the demolition work carried out on the site alongside Charing Cross Road from the Centre Point cam. In it you can see the demolition of 157 – 167 Charing Cross Road (which includes the Astoria), 9 – 15 Oxford Street and 1 – 6 Falconberg Court.

The demolition work both here and at the Goslett Yard site, undertaken by McGee Group, is now complete. Now that the ground has been cleared, construction of a temporary EDF substation is underway on the Astoria site.

Work is also underway to replace, divert and strengthen the cables and utility pipes in and around the site. This has proven a complex task (not least due to the space restrictions), but is required to allow the access shafts to be sunk. Indeed, plans exist for a further shaft in Carlisle Street if it proves necessary, in which case further diversion work would be needed here. A deep BT heading is currently being built below Diadem Court for a major diversion of cables between Dean Street and Great Chapel Street (currently located in Fareham Street) and some shallow utilities works still remain to be completed on Dean Street as well.

Once the utilities work has been completed (November is the current target), work can begin properly on the required pilings around Falconberg Mews. The piles for the Northern Line escalator shaft are also now being put in place, with seven more due to be sunk. Three of these are close to the Northern Line tunnels, so for those piling will have to take place at night.

For those who prefer photos to videos, a selection of individual shots from the timelapse video are below. These follow on from our last photo sets which can be found here and here:

Our thanks to TfL for the updated video and photos

Written by John Bull
John Bull is the Editor of London Reconnections. A transport journalist and historian, his writing often focuses on the political or strategic challenges facing London's transport network and beyond.