In Pictures: Rotherhithe and Brunel’s Tunnel


The station at Rotherhithe

The information office

Heading down the escalators

The brickwork on the shaft at Rotherhithe

Rotherhithe at platform level

The platforms

Looking into the tunnel from Rotherhithe

Into the tunnel

An example of an original, unrestored arch just beyond Rotherhithe station

A restored example of the above

The original roofwork in all its glory…

…and closer up

The roof has been restored, where necessary

Looking back towards Rotherhithe

Signage as you move towards Wapping

Looking towards Wapping

Moving further towards Wapping


Written by John Bull
John Bull is the Editor of London Reconnections. A transport journalist and historian, his writing often focuses on the political or strategic challenges facing London's transport network and beyond.