Christmas Quiz Answers and Winners


T’is the New Year, and thus time for the quiz results.

Our winners this year are AH, who wins first prize and PH who wins second. As with last year there were lots of good entries and thanks to everyone who entered. We hope you enjoyed answering the questions as much as we enjoyed setting them. I will be emailing the winners shortly to organise the dispatch of prizes.

In the meantime, the answers were as follows (questions can be found on the original post here):

1) Ghost (The train pictured is “Fowler’s Ghost” – Sir John Fowler’s attempt to make an emissionless Loco for the Met – more here)
2) West Hampstead Thameslink
3) Steve Aruni (you can find him on MySpace here)
4) Crystal Palace
5) Between City Thameslink and Blackfriars (Bonus point if you knew it was a rather epic Substation)
6) Ruislip Gardens (from Betjeman’s Middlesex)
7) The one and only Charles Tyson Yerkes (it’s the Yerkes Observatory in Chicago)
8) Borough Market (being dismantled ahead of viaduct work)
9) High Barnet (let that be a valuable lesson to some of you – don’t trust random Anonymi on the internet)
10) Euston (the model can be found in the wonderful place that is the NRM‘s open storeroom)
11) Urinate (it’s a urinal – and can also be found at the NRM)

Thanks again to everyone who took part, and a “happy new year” to one and all.

Written by John Bull
John Bull is the Editor of London Reconnections. A transport journalist and historian, his writing often focuses on the political or strategic challenges facing London's transport network and beyond.