Not Stopping Here: (Gimmie) Deep Level Shelter

Through the Blitz and beyond, the part the Underground played in World War Two was a complex one. Nowhere was this more true than the role it played in sheltering the civilian populace from aerial attack. The part platforms at places like Aldwych played, and the tragedy at Bethnal Green are now relatively well known. What is perhaps less well known, however, is the role played by the Deep Level Shelters – the remains of which can still be seen at street level.

Not Stopping Here: Crystal Palace High Level

Opened by the London, Chatham & Dover Railway in 1865, the branch line to Crystal Palace High Level station was built to serve the Crystal Palace. The destruction of Paxton’s glass wonder saw a serious decline in traffic and the branch line finally closed in 1954, but some elements still remain if you know where to look.