Manchester promised tram-train funding (RailTechnology)

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Plans for tram-trains in Manchester unveiled as Grayling and Burnham mull expansion of Metrolink

Proposals for an expansion of Greater Manchester’s (GM) tram network are in the works, Chris Grayling and [Manchester Mayor] Andy Burnham have announced, with plans for greater devolved control for the region and the introduction of tram-trains being considered.

A range of proposals are being explored by the DfT, Network Rail, and Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) who will bring forward the plans before this summer.

Making the announcement, the transport secretary and Greater Manchester mayor also stated their agreement for the need for a “positive collaborative approach” to help unlock the potential of HS2, Northern Powerhouse Rail, and the transformation of GM’s bus network.

Innovative tram-train systems, recently introduced for the first time in Sheffield, could be coming to Manchester, which would see an increase in rail capacity as well as reduce congestion, improve air quality, and introduce more frequent journeys across the city-region.

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Written by Long Branch Mike