Luxembourg free public transport details (MetroReport)

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LUXEMBOURG: Transport Minister François Bausch announced details on January 21 of plans to offer free nationwide public transport. Free public transport is to be offered to all passengers, whether or not they are resident in Luxembourg, from March 1 2020 on all modes financed by the state and operating within the country’s boundaries. Funding would come from tax revenue, with no new taxes being introduced specifically for this purpose.

Transport provided by local authorities would not be automatically included in the scheme, with the decision on whether to participate left to the individual authority. The Mayor of Luxembourg City Lydie Polfer has already confirmed that the capital will participate. A transition phase would provide time to develop new regulations and prepare for the smooth introduction of the proposition. One measure will be changes to the role of onboard staff.

‘The introduction of free public transport is an important social measure’, said Bausch. ‘One can see it as the social icing on the cake of the global strategy for a multimodal offensive.’ Bausch sees the offering, punctuality and quality of public transport as decisive to change people’s habits and shift them from private cars to public transport.

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