Four European rail companies to jointly deploy ERTMS (GlobalRailwayReview)

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The rail networks between London, Paris and Brussels will all receive ERTMS after the infrastructure managers together coordinate a development plan.

Michel Boudoussier, Getlink Chief Corporate Officer, Dyan Crowther, HS1 CEO, Patrick Jeantet, SNCF-Réseau President and Luc Lallemand, Infrabel CEO, have committed to join forces to coordinate the deployment of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) across all their networks.

The high-speed routes between London, Paris and Brussels, including Eurotunnel, are equipped with an analogue signalling system which provides speed control by ‘landing’. ERTMS allows data to be communicated in real time between the train and the infrastructure via the GSM-R system, a secure communication network reserved for rail.

The system allows the driver to know in real time, according to the line usage and the train configurations (in terms of weight, speed limits, deceleration capacity and braking), the optimum speed to travel at and provides an emergency stop signal if necessary.

The rail triangle between London, Paris and Brussels is one of the busiest international European routes. The deployment of ERTMS will allow improved interoperability and better punctuality whilst avoiding obsolescence of current systems and increasing capacity, all to the highest safety standards.

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Written by Long Branch Mike