Seattle traffic crash data visualization tool (Next City)

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In 2016, there were 13,622 traffic collisions in Seattle resulting in 3,885 injuries, 166 serious injuries and 23 fatalities. The cost of all that property damage, injury and loss of human life: $222,827,800.

Those stats come from a new data visualization tool that illustrates a decade of Seattle Department of Transportation crash data and uses National Safety Council standards to put a price on all that tragedy. Seattle-based web designer Tim Ganter worked with the advocates at Seattle Neighborhood Greenways to build the app.

The app shows a huge range of information including a map of crash locations, what kind of crash (cars, bicycles, people walking), cause, severity, where in the intersection or street it happened, weather and road conditions, and cost.

For Ganter, the app was a side project to create a portfolio piece as he looks to move into full-time data science and visualization work. He connected with the Neighborhood Greenways group at their shared co-working space. It was there that he learned about Vision Zero and the trove of collision data the city shares.
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Written by Long Branch Mike