Paris Logistics hotels (CityLab Project)

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To attempt to deal with logistics sprawl, the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks (IFSTTAR) at the University of Paris‐East, MetroFreight, and University of Gothenburg came together to consolidate freight shipments, transfer to cleaner modes, provide modern logistics facilities, increase mixed land uses, and to test new architecture and urban planning concepts.

Specific goals were set:

  • Addressing logistics sprawl issues (emissions and congestion) by accommodating logistics buildings in the centre of greater Paris
  • Consolidation of freight transport to Paris and transfer to cleaner modes of transport
  • Providing modern logistics facilities to businesses
  • Increasing the mix of activities: logistics activities, leisure, datacentre, sport facilities, office spaces, housing
  • Testing new architecture and urban planning concepts for the integration of logistics facilities in dense urban areas: form, acoustic, energy efficiency

Full presentation (in English)

Written by Long Branch Mike