NY Subway Replacing MetroCard with Modern Fares (NY Times)


“On Monday, the city’s system took a significant step toward a more modern way for passengers to pay their fares. Starting late next year, they can do it the way Londoners already do, by waving cellphones or certain kinds of credit or debit cards at the turnstiles in the subway or the fareboxes on buses.

“A committee of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority approved a $573 million contract for a new fare payment system adapted from the one in use for several years on the London Underground and London’s commuter railroads. New electronic readers will be installed in 500 subway turnstiles and on 600 buses in New York beginning late next year, and will reach the rest of the city’s subway stations and buses by late 2020…

“It will certainly change riders’ habits. No longer will they have to endure frustrating waits in long lines at card-dispensing machines in subway stations, though there will still be machines for people who do not have cellphones or credit or debit cards.

“Nor will passengers have to refill their fare cards week after week or month after month. The new system can keep track in an account that riders can check online…

“Officials see the new payment system as a way to make getting into subway stations and onto buses faster, though that could bring more passengers into a system that is already straining to handle the millions it carries every day…”

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Written by Long Branch Mike